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Of Another Fashion + Pop’Africana

January 24th, 2011

We don’t discuss the controversial issues within the world of fashion here at PP because that’s never been the focus and there are other blogs out there that explore those topics far better than we ever could – for example the awesome Threadbared by Mimi Thi Nguyen and Minh-Ha T. Pham. Threadbared has rightfully been getting a lot of attention recently and I highly recommend adding them to your daily reads.

Anyway, one of the major issues within the fashion sphere is the overwhelming dominance of, and dedication to the white beauty standards that so many major designers and publications cleave to. For an industry that prides itself on pushing the proverbial envelope and challenging the establishment, it’s laughably inept at acknowledging different beauty standards (beyond fetishizing and appropriating them) and a large portion of its audience – those who aren’t white and don’t identify with the mainstreamed style standards the industry constantly pushes.

The conversation, and yes, outrage over this issue has been growing recently and with it have come people who are thankfully willing to buck the establishment and have a go at presenting smart, engaging, relatable alternatives. I’m just going to highlight a couple in this post today, but keep your eyes peeled because I think this a growing movement with plenty of exciting things on the horizon.

If you’re already a follower of Threadbared you’ll know that Pham recently launched Of Another Fashion, an exploration of the fashion histories of women of colour. Read Pham’s most recent entry for a discussion of this latest project. And again, add this blog to your daily reads!

Also rising to the challenge is the brand new, gorgeous bi-annual magazine, Pop’Africana, which seeks to shatter the negative perceptions and representations of Africans and the African continent that are so prevalent. The magazine explores the inspiring fashion, literature, and art being produced across the continent. I’ve ordered Vol. 2, but I’d love to get my hands on back issues too. This is truly refreshing and exciting!

The mag’s founder and editor, Oroma Elewa (photo above) has her own blog that’s equally as inspiring


Thoughts: Big, Colourful Necklaces

December 1st, 2009


Anntian & Arielle de Pinto necklace: $161 here; Conscious shell necklace:$325 here


Vicola Paglia Corta lego necklace: $71 here; Manu paperclip necklace: $170 here

Seeing as I have a tendency to drift into monotonous colour combinations with my clothing I’ve been having a bit of an obsession with jewelry, namely necklaces, lately. Something to bang an outfit beyond the safely stylish. I like ones longer than 12″, and interesting, and well, colourful! So here you are. Remember click for larger, clearer images



September 4th, 2009

We’ve had a pretty wet, cool summer this year so I’m loathe to part with summer right now, HOWEVER, me being a total lover of winter clothing (Crazy right? I love summer temps but the clothes- not so much) I have to admit I’m already developing a sweater shopping list in my head. I love sweaters and I live in them since I’m perpetually cold (I can’t think of one morning this summer where I haven’t had the heat on). My favourite sweater style is the cardigan because I find it so versatile. So below, I’ve started my list of sweater must-haves, well at least the silhouettes I’ll be on the hunt for this fall and winter!

  • sweaterpost1

    Grandpa Style

    Ok, this is the perfect, classic grandpa cardigan. A.P.C. calls it a coat, but it’s essentially a lined sweater, but this would go with everything-dresses, skirts, jeans, dress pants, etc. I would be living in this if it weren’t for the pricetag.
    A.P.C. Short Coat  $420
    Available here

  • sweaterpost2

    Versatile Layers

    What I like about this cardigan is that it’s a little more formal, but still easy to work into more casual looks. I’d buy it in a large so it’s loose and more casual, but in a smaller size I could see this nicely layered over a tunic length top.
    Jcrew Ruffle Cardigan  $118
    Available here.

  • sweaterpost3

    Cerebral warmth

    This pullover is just plain cool. What of Maison Martin Margiela isn’t? Again, I could see this paired with most anything and the ‘tape’ embellishment adding just enough texture and interest.
    Maison Martin Margiela pullover  $745
    Available at Totokaelo.

  • sweaterpost4

    Oversized texture

    Sigh, chunky perfection. Another cozy, hand-me-down style cardigan that I’d be living in nonstop.
    Miu Miu Cardigan  $1129.70
    Available Here

  • sweaterpost5

    Neck to Knee Knit

    I need more blue in my wardrobe. And more funnel necks, and chunky knit.
    Marc by Marc Jacobs XL Cardigan  $757.90
    Available here.

  • sweaterpost6

    Adaptable Length

    Loving this long coat style. Again, this sweater would totally work with something formal or something casual. And think of the possibilities. You could cinch the waist with a beat-up brown leather belt, or some tassels picked up at the fabric store, or a corset belt, or even fasten it with your favourite brooch…
    Lanvin Cocoon Coat  $1233
    Available here



July 13th, 2009

Ok, so this isn’t fashion related, but hey, it’s my personal blog and who doesn’t like food?

I love baking. As with gardening I find it a wonderfully meditative process with an unbeatable prize at the end. Well, I was so lucky to receive a copy of Organic and Chic from the amazing Sarah Magid a week or so ago. Sarah, thank you! This was a really special gift that made my month!


I sat down for a couple hours and read through it, and was amazingly inspired. There is such a wonderfully warm, handmade quality to Sarah’s creations that you just can’t find in most other baking books, not to mention that everything is organic. I love the stories of how her mother inspired her passion for baking and how she’s carrying on that tradition with her own children.

I’d already made her chocolate cupcakes with espresso icing thanks to a recent design*sponge post (thank you Karyn!) where Sarah gives a video tutorial on how to make the cupcakes. The cupcake recipe is practically an exact copy of a family chocolate cake recipe I sadly lost a few years ago.

Once I received the book, I had to make the cupcakes with marshmallow frosting. I halved the frosting recipe because I was worried it would be too sweet, and immediately regretted it after actually tasting it. It’s light, mildly sweet, and addictive! See the results below.


I can’t wait to try Sarah’s fondant-free cakes, although I’m sure it’s going to take a few tries on my part before I get them looking presentable!

The book doesn’t just contain cake and cupcake recipes, though. There are plenty recipes for cookies, pies, tarts, and what Sarah calls reformed junk food. If you love baking, I highly recommend her book. It’s chock full of delicious recipes and beautiful photographs.




June 19th, 2009


I’m one of those fans of big bags. You can fit all sorts of ‘essentials’ in them and still look put together. They’re especially handy when traveling! I think this Obey bag is the perfect summer tote.