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Inspiration: 1970s Interiors

May 9th, 2011

Every decade seems to have had a defining interior aesthetic, with the exception of the 1990s, which seemed to be the most bland and boring era of them all. The 2000s are too eclectic to really be able to pinpoint anything definitively exclusive.

Mostly what’s been catching my eye and appealing to me personally lately have been interiors photos from the 1970s, and I’m not talking about avocado green, ugly wood paneling, and burnt orange shag carpet. I’m more about the 70s interiors that mixed a bit of mid-century, with the crafts revivalist movement, and a splash of futurism. They certainly weren’t shy about using colour and graphic elements, and I like how popular houseplants were too. Our place is full of them, much to Brannan’s chagrin!

There are some nice photos reflecting this aesthetic on a flickr group I recently discovered. All of the images except for the second one (found on pinterest via tumblr, and I’m not sure if it’s really from the 70s, but the look is very much reminiscent) are from this group. Click over to see more