Guest Post: TeenAngster Gets Cozy in a Cave

February 28th, 2011

If you don’t know Alison from her refreshingly eclectic and never boring blog, TeenAngster, then maybe you’re a dedicated follower of her regular musings on the Etsy Blog. If you haven’t read either – get thee to adding her to your feed reader!

Alison’s theme was life in a cave, and she came up with some pretty awesome things to make even the most hardcore house lover re-consider their dedication to four walls. Enjoy and thanks Alison!

Photo by the air in the branches

“Caves come in all sizes and varieties. In this instance, I imagined myself in an airy crystal cave, full of stalactites, blue pools of water and blurry chemical-reacting lights, with none of that bothersome claustrophobia.”

How I’d Live

“Decorating the drippy dank of a cave might prove a challenge, but it’s one I’m willing to take on. Inspired by the intrepid cavemen and women that came before me, I went for an aesthetic that was equal parts warm and furry, balanced with primitive, minimal art and fixtures reminiscent of stalactites. And I had to get a big, fuzzy cat in there. ”

Clockwise top left: Cutie chair: Munna Design;  Murano glass icicle chandelier: Gaspare Asaro at 1st dibs;  Storm cloud wool felt wall hanging: Modernfiberlab;  Vintage Moroccan rug: Nazmiyal at 1st dibs;  Electric log: Amazon;  Glass snowball: MeritandWorth;  Head of Feathers print: Elsita;  Rita Duckworth ceramic plates: Liveauctioneers;  Circles and Bars painting: Flatfile;  Fat cat: Fuckyeahfatcat;  Medal: Amy Tavern;  Icicle pendant lights: Emmerson Troop Inc. at 1st dibs;  Pre-Columbian figure: Emmerson Troop Inc. at 1st dibs

Photo by Sherbet tone

Photo by Jpconstantineau

Cave Wardrobe

“My goal with this outfit is comfort and warmth: capes, more fur and a
vintage lantern for exploring. I’m no practical spelunker (yet). And yes, a
plush white knapsack won’t stay white for long in a cave, but a little grit
and grime makes the experience legit. It’s kinda like breaking in a new pair
of white Cons. ”

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Photos by A.

Lascaux Bulls

Books to dive into

” It’s natural to look to other
caves for inspiration, right? And the cave paintings of Lascaux are
mind-blowing. 17,000 years is an incredible lifespan for art that’s both
figurative and abstract. ”



  1. My kind of living quarters! Love everything here.

  2. i LOOOOOVE this. so much. i think this is probably my tenth revisit to this post.

  3. Alison’s esthetic sense is superb!

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