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January 24th, 2011

We don’t discuss the controversial issues within the world of fashion here at PP because that’s never been the focus and there are other blogs out there that explore those topics far better than we ever could – for example the awesome Threadbared by Mimi Thi Nguyen and Minh-Ha T. Pham. Threadbared has rightfully been getting a lot of attention recently and I highly recommend adding them to your daily reads.

Anyway, one of the major issues within the fashion sphere is the overwhelming dominance of, and dedication to the white beauty standards that so many major designers and publications cleave to. For an industry that prides itself on pushing the proverbial envelope and challenging the establishment, it’s laughably inept at acknowledging different beauty standards (beyond fetishizing and appropriating them) and a large portion of its audience – those who aren’t white and don’t identify with the mainstreamed style standards the industry constantly pushes.

The conversation, and yes, outrage over this issue has been growing recently and with it have come people who are thankfully willing to buck the establishment and have a go at presenting smart, engaging, relatable alternatives. I’m just going to highlight a couple in this post today, but keep your eyes peeled because I think this a growing movement with plenty of exciting things on the horizon.

If you’re already a follower of Threadbared you’ll know that Pham recently launched Of Another Fashion, an exploration of the fashion histories of women of colour. Read Pham’s most recent entry for a discussion of this latest project. And again, add this blog to your daily reads!

Also rising to the challenge is the brand new, gorgeous bi-annual magazine, Pop’Africana, which seeks to shatter the negative perceptions and representations of Africans and the African continent that are so prevalent. The magazine explores the inspiring fashion, literature, and art being produced across the continent. I’ve ordered Vol. 2, but I’d love to get my hands on back issues too. This is truly refreshing and exciting!

The mag’s founder and editor, Oroma Elewa (photo above) has her own blog that’s equally as inspiring



  1. I saved and slobbered all over that first photo, too!

  2. A million times THANK YOU for this wonderful post! <3

    • Minh-ha,

      A million times thank YOU for making me aware of Pop Africana via your FB! I always look forward to your and Mimi’s posts on Threadbared.

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